- Incorporating Reiki as a Holistic Option in Your Veterinary Clinic-

As a Veterinarian it can be a challenge to educate your clients about Reiki, and having them be open to see its possible benefits.  Here are a few ways you can go about incorrporating Reiki as a holistic healing modality at your practice:
  • Bring an Animal Reiki Teacher to teach Reiki to you and your staff.  If you have trouble finding an Animal Reiki Teacher in your area you may train in "Human Reiki".  Be sure that the Reiki Teacher will cover the fundamentals of "Animal Reiki".  If they do not, you will need to find some books, audio or videos to gain more experience with incorporating what you have learned with "Human Reiki", and how to apply it to your approach in treating animals.
  • Since Reiki practitioners do not, diagnose conditions or prescribe medical treatments, you can also bring in an outside Animal Reiki Practitioner to work in partnership with you and to support the "healing program” within your clinic.  Or refer your clients to receive Reiki Treatments from the comfort of their home.
  • Hand out an informational flyer to your clients, or place them in your lobby.  Please download our "Introduction to Animal Reiki" for your convenience.  Make sure that someone on staff may be able to answer any questions, or refer your clients to your partner Reiki Practitioner. 
If you need any assistance with finding ways to incorporate Reiki within your practice please contact:
Alicia Worster at 512-348-7387 or amongaras@anireiki.com