Flower essences are extracts made from parts of different kinds of flowers, plants, trees, and bushes.  Different flower essence blends are available for treating various common canine or feline emotional, behavioral and physical problems.  They are safe and easy to use.  Anireiki now provides Flower Essences to help aid in your pets healing sessions and for daily emotional support.  Our flower essences are formulated from flowers infused in water and preserved in brandy.

Pets are very responsive to the energetic healing properties of Flower Essences. The energetic bouquets from Flower Essences are both dynamic and gentle in the support for your pets emotional health. By using the appropriate Flower Essences to balance your pets emotional and physical symptoms, subtle changes occur that bring renewed energy forward and aid in your cat or dogs overall health.

Pets have emotions, attitudes and personalities just like humans. To care for an animal, it is helpful to observe the animal and learn how to distinguish between normal regular behavior and behavior that is unusual and out of balance. Pets often reflect the emotions of the people close to them and the environment in which they live. Emotions such as worry, depression, anxiety or fear can lead to disease because they deplete the physical body of its natural energy.  This depletion compromises the immune system's ability to function properly. The use of Flower Essences naturally aids in renewing balance to their system.

There is no harm or unwanted side effects from the use of Flower Essence.  Since all animals are unique their response may seem surprising, as it is their own personal way of making changes in their own being.

  • Flower Essences can be rubbed on the skin, lips, ears,paws or put directly in the mouth.  Add one dropper full to drinking water, or put in food.
  • Please do not combine the Flower Essences formulas. Combining formulas can be overwhelming for your pet. You can use more than two formulas in one day by waiting 2 minutes between doses.
  • It is suggested to give Flower Essences 4 times a day. The more frequently you give a dose the more often the messages carried by the essences will reach the animal you are helping. Repeating frequent doses is more effective than a single dose or dosing 2 times a day. 
Available in .5 0z liquid.  Essences are diluted in spring water.

-Flower Essence Blends Offered-   
For inquiries about purchasing Flower Essences please contact 512-348-7387.
**Discounts apply with bulk orders!**