- Our Rates -

Drop In-Care

Express Pet Sitting Visit (Potty Break!)

(15 minutes) $10.00

Standard Pet Sitting Visit

(30 minutes) $15.00

2x Pet Sitting Visit

(15 minute visits morning & night) $22.00

3x Pet Sitting Visit

(15 minute visits morning, noon & night) $36.00

**Discounts may be available for extended trips (10+ days). Please inquire when scheduling.

Miscellaneous Fees

Extra Pet Mess

$5.00 (Each clean-up)   

Just Poop N'Scoop

1-2 Dogs  (1 weekly collection or less days in-between as needed) $8.00 each visit

*There will be an additional $1.50 for each additional dog

*There will be $10 fee for excess clean up for 1st visit

Key Fee:

$15.00 per drop-off/pick-up (AFTER the initial consultation)

Returned Check Fee : $35.00

Late Fees : 20% of balance due

Urgent Care:

$15.00 (may be applied when service is requested within 36 hours of start date for established clients or 4 days before the start date for new clients)

Cancellation Fees:

Daily Dog Walks: (cost of walk) If given less than 24 hour notice.

Drop-In Pet Sitting Visits: (50% of total) If less than 72 hour notice.

Initial Consultation: *FREE up to 30 minutes

Additional Consultation:

$15.00 per 30minutes unless otherwise discussed

*Happy Holidays Include:

Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day.

* Please book these times in advance as our schedule fills up quickly!

Dog Walking 

Express Walk (Potty Break up to 20 minutes)

$12.00 per walk for 1-3 days a week

$10.00 per walk for 3-5 days a week

Standard Walk (30 minutes)

$16.00 per walk for 1-2 times a week

$14.00 per walk for 3-4 times a week

$12.00 per walk for 5 or more times a week

Extended Walk (45 minutes)

$22.00 per walk for 1-3 a week

$20.00 per walk for 4-5 or more times a week

*These rates are for up to 2 dogs                                                                       

Additional Services

Pet Taxi Service

One Way: $10.00

Round Trip: $20.00

Welcome Home Service

$10.00 fee plus cost of groceries (up to 20 items)

Pet Goods Delivery

$10.00 fee plus cost of 
goods if delivery coincides with home visits

$15.00 fee plus cost of goods if independent of scheduled home visits                                             

Only Cats, Parrots, Fish & Other Critters

Basic Rate: $10.00 each visit

*Depending upon your animals cared for discounts may apply 

Animal Reiki Treatments

*We offer 40% off Reiki Treatments when you book with a pet sitting service.

$40.00 Reiki Healing Attunment

**All healing sessions include: Discussion, Evaluation &                                            Treatment.  **Initial sessions last 45-1hr.

$30.00 Reiki Long-Distance Healing 

$25.00 Reiki Follow-Up Treatments

**Follow-up treatments last 20-30min. 

Home Care Only

$10.00 each visit

  • Bringing in the Mail, Packages & Newspapers
  • Taking out & bringing in Trash & Recycling Bins
  • Alternating Lights & Blinds
  • Watering Plants: Indoors & Outside
  • Filling Outside Bird Feeders & Baths
*Above  items included with pet sitting 

*If you don't see it just ask!  We will be happy to accommodate to your needs!