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Animal Reiki Treatments
We offer Reiki Treatments for your pets in the comfort of their own home.  Animal Reiki Treatments are wonderful for animals who experience stress and anxiety when mom and dad are away. If you are looking to help calm and ease your pets nerves, or if your pet has an illness or injury that needs healing support, please ask about our services.  We offer a variety of Reiki Healing Treatments that are gentile and noninvasive.  Reiki does not cause stress, discomfort, or pain.  Reiki promotes deep relaxation and releases blockages within your animal’s physical, mental, and emotional bodies so that their natural flow of energy through the body will be restored.

Suggested Treatment Programs:
Although sometimes healing can be seen in one or two treatments, for continued health and well-being, all animals benefit most from a regularly scheduled program of Reiki. Below are listed programs that I have found most beneficial for cats, dogs, and small animals. Note: While Reiki is a powerful healing system on its own, it is also a wonderful complement to other therapies that may be helping the animal recover. It is not meant as a substitute for veterinary care. Always consult your veterinarian about the best course of medical treatment for your animal.

Canine & Feline Reiki:

  • For dogs and cats recovering from injury/illness: Begin with a series of at least three treatments on consecutive days, followed by once or twice a week until recovery.
  • For senior dogs and cats: Begin with a series of three treatments on consecutive days, followed by once a week or every other week for maintenance.
  • For dogs and cats nearing their transition: Begin with a series of treatments on consecutive days, followed by a few times a week or as needed for support in this process.
  • Health Maintenance: Begin with a series of  at least three treatments on consecutive days, followed by once a week or every other week for maintenance.

Small Animal/Avian Reiki:

  • Recovery from illness/injury: Daily treatment or as often as needed until recovery.
  • Senior animals: Begin with a series of three treatments on consecutive days, followed by once a week or as needed for maintenance.
  • Nearing their transition: Daily treatments or as needed for support with this process.
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Method of Natural Healing

Drop-In Care
Wither you need us to drop-in to check on your precious pets while you are at work or on a long vacation, we are here to give your animals all the loving care, petting and hugs just like you were home.  We offer visits that last 15 - 30minutes morning, noon and night.

Pet Sitting Visits Services Include: 

  • Fresh Food, Water & Oral Meds
  • Playtime, Exercise & Lots of TLC
  • Potty Break or Walk (15 minutes)
  • Poop n'Scoop/Litter Box needs
  • Tend to: Fish, Birds & Other Critters Needs
  • Bring in Newspapers, Mail, Packages, Rotate Lights & Blinds, Take out & bring in Trash & Recycling Bins
  • Plus any reasonable request needed for home care
  • Daily Report of visit with pictures if requested*

Dog Walking (AKA Potty Break)

Sometimes our dogs just need to get out of the house and go for a relieving stroll.  We offer dog walks from 20-45minutes.  If you would like a longer walk or even a run, please ask us and we will customize your dogs exercise plan!

Pet Taxi Service

We offer shuttle service one way or round trip to the groomers, vet, the park or anywhere else you may need.

Welcome Home Service

Running late?  We are happy to pick up a few grocery items for your arrival home.

Pet Goods Delivery

We will pick up food & supplies from the pet store for you and deliver items to your door.  

Only Cats, Parrots, Fish & Other Critters

All animal need special loving care.  So we will customize our visits to meet the needs for your hard to board pets.  This way your pets will be sure to be happily awaiting your arrival home.

Home Care Only

Even if you do not have animals, taking care of your home while you are away is just as important.  We will make sure to give your home an "at-home" appearance.  This will give peace of mind that your home will not be as easily a target for unwanted visitors.  From bringing in your daily mail & papers to watering your plants we can customize a plan to fit your needs.

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Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner